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Mann Manufacturing, Woodburn, OR

RE:  Testimonial - Complete Website Design

It's difficult to know where to begin, however, thanking my new friends at OMAC Advertising is simply not enough.

Working with OMAC through the process of rebuilding a business website was completely effortless for us. Not only that...the time frame was unbelievably short.

The initial meetings I had with Bill were always encouraging and informative. His ideas were spot on as he obviously took the time to learn about our business and what was important for our company to be successful. After the meeting, I knew exactly what to expect and in a promised time frame."

With that said, I cannot elaborate enough about the Design Team. Talk about talent. The creativity that comes out of that department doesn't even seem a possibility...but it is and it was on a continuous bases. All along the way, I was kept informed of all aspects of the project.

Lynn, of the Design Team never once left me in the dark about what to expect. It was all good and exquisite excellence, every single time. Never once was I disappointed in any part of the process. It was always made clear along the way, if it was possible, it could be done.

Before I knew it I received an email from Lynn that our website was Live, up and running. As I could not wait to see our brand new business website in all of its glory, the final outcome was that of the highest quality or work that seems physically and mentally possible. The customer relations was above and way beyond - disappointment isn't even in their vocabulary.

I love the people at OMAC for their many talents and the professionalism and honestly that is never in question...ever.

Diane Mann
Mann Manufacturing, Inc.