OMAC Advertising can develope the prefect branding package for your local business..

Business Branding

The look and feel of a business is its brand. Everything that a customer sees, hears, feels, tastes, and even smells is a part of the brand experience. OMAC helps you take control of your brand by providing a consistent customer experience that conveys the core of your business. A consistent message will increases your brand recognition, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Logo Design

A professionally designed logo (business brand) provides your company with a consistent graphic representation of your brand and name. It is the cornerstone of every successful business.

Tag Line Development

We can help you create a tag line that helps to further convey your company's message and piques the interest of potential customers.

Corporate Identity Collateral

Establishes a unified brand appearance for your team to utilize for all customer touch points. Such as but not limited to: business cards, appointment cards, letterhead, envelopes, labeling, business signage, employee apparel, etc.

Legal Brand Protection
(™ Trademark &  © Copyright )

Trademarks and copyrighting allow you to protect your most valuable asset -- your identity. This could include your business name, tag lines and/or logo.

Corporate Style Guides
(Graphic Standards)

The objective of this Graphic Standards Style Guide is to provide standards of usage for your company's logo. Graphic standards are a visual expression of a Company and serves as the foundation for overall communications strategy.

A well-managed Graphic Standards program provides a consistent message and image. It is extremely important that these standards be followed precisely to maintain the uniformity of presentation necessary for successful promotional and sales efforts.

Graphic Standards

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