OMAC Advertising a Salem and Portland Ad Agency Can Meet All Your Marketing Needs.

Marketing Services

Marketing is the backbone of business growth. OMAC Advertising offers a variety of professionally crafted marketing services that help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Strategy

A good market strategy establishes basic business goals, for both short-term and long-term. One key element is to identify your existing and potential customers characterized by their "needs". It is important once defined, to develop a plan to meet these needs.

Business & Marketing Plans

A well developed business plan is the road map for a business success. The typical business plan will generally forecasts 3-5 years in the future. It outlines the route a company will take to grow revenues.

Social Media Marketing

This digital age provides unprecedented opportunities to connect with current and prospective customers. Social marketing allows companies to engage each person individually and grow understanding of their preferences. This can be leveraged toward building brand advocacy among your customers.

Product & Press Releases

In today's print media, Product & Press Release are less common than in the past. However, with the increase of Social Media they can play an important part of increase public awareness of your business.

Traditional methods and Social Media are excellent methods of announcing business news, new hires, events or new product releases. OMAC can help you get the word out by writing new release document, setting up social media accounts and posting your releases to various media venues.

Name Search

Checks the availability of a prospective business name or product brands to determine if it is legally available for use.

Legal Brand Protection 
(™ Trademark &  © Copyright )

OMAC can register your legal Trademarks and copyright your companies' materials. This allows for protection of your most valuable asset – company identity. This includes, but may not be limited to your business name, logo, tag lines or other printed materials.