OMAC Advertising voted a 5 star Ad Agency in Salem.


OMAC Advertising helps bring your message to life with the use of various forms of multi-media.

Traditional Media Ads (Television & Radio)

Increase your customer base and sales with a professional TV or radio ad that can air on stations select based on your target audience.

E-Publications (Electronic Print Media)

Ads, flyers, brochures, books & catalogs can be covert to an e-file. These files can be inserted on to your website or emailed to clients and customers. E-files can also saved to a flash drive or CD to hand out or mail. Call OMAC today to learn how we can help you.

Animation (Edge Animate & FLASH)

Animation can enhance the appeal of your website. Interactive slide shows, games, and ads all add to your visitor's experience.

OMAC Advertising is well-versed in several forms of animation, and can help make sure your website can be viewed to its fullest potential, no matter which device a customer uses.


Enhance your company message with a video. From a simple video clip to post on your social media accounts and website to a full production video CD with audio that you can be distribute to sales leads. 

Web Ads

As people turn to the web for their news, more and newspapers and magazines are converting to web-based formats. OMAC can easily convert your old print ads to web advertising.