OMAC Advertising is a Portland and Salem based Ad Agency.
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Smart Marketing

At OMAC, we are not limited to a specific industry, but rather a unique philosophy: "Smart Marketing". We use our experience and expertise to accomplish your marketing goals. We focus on what you need and deliver it, on time and within budget. Our skills and knowledge provide you with maximum ROI (return on investment) with minimal headache.

A Full Service Advertising Agency

OMAC's "Full Service" can coordinate and execute all your businesses marketing and advertising needs. From building an identity for a new brand, to expanding the reach of an established business. We have the right solution for all your marketing needs.

Marketing Strategy

A great marketing strategy serves not only to improve your company's performance – it can promote customer loyalty, leaving a positive impressions of your company, and turn your customers into advocates for your business.

Customer Analysis

We provide insights that help you to understand and build loyalty with your current and prospective customers, so you can deliver valuable products and services in a profitable way that will grow your business.

Customized Plans

Customers today are accustomed to more convenient and personalized service. Companies must take every opportunity to make each interaction a consistent and positive impression in order to retain loyal customers.

Marketing Optimization

OMAC will help streamline processes and improve marketing strategy decisions. Solutions that provide you with the right information to identify potential opportunities and make informed marketing choices.